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Haibike is arguably the most recognizable name in the electric bike market in the United States. They were a progenitor of eBikes in the states, and they continue to offer products that eBike riders gawk at. 

Haibike USA is best known for their excellent electric mountain bikes. A Haibike eMTB offers riders a range of riding styles from cross country to enduro to downhill. The Haibike XDURO eMTBs will set you up with an electric bike that shreds the most intense terrain. A Haibike SDURO electric mountain bikes keeps you comfy and safe on singletrack, fire roads, and cross country trails.

But they don't stop at electric mountain bikes. They also offer a whole fleet of commuting, touring, and cross eBikes to get you riding no matter what gets you pumped to ride. That's why Fly Rides USA is always pumped when the new bikes from Haibike USA drop into our stores!

Why We Love a Haibike eBike

Haibike is synonymous with electric bikes in the USA. They have always been dedicated to their customers which makes it easy to be dedicated to them. They've partnered with the best eBike motor companies to bring reliable and powerful electric bikes. The Bosch Performance Line motors and Yamaha eBike motor will keep you riding for years and years and countless miles. 

What's New with Haibike USA?