Cube Electric Bikes

First and foremost,
a passionate bike company.

CUBE's line of pedal-assist models comply with the demanding engineering standards that define all CUBE bikes.

Whether climbing a tough hill on the commute to work or ascending high into a single track jungle, a CUBE-E will see you shred your limits.

Overcoming terrain
If insurmountable hills stand between you and where you'd like to cycle, a CUBE-E is the answer. Even steep grades seemingly melt away. With 4 modes of assist and the mechanical advantage of multiple gears on the back wheel, you can conquer the rollers with as much, or as little effort as you choose to enjoy.

Environmental benefits can be realized by substituting a CUBE-E for a car, or even a car trip. Studies vary but it's commonly stated that, over a given distance, e-bikes charged from the grid produce about 100 times less GHG than a car. And they're much cheaper to operate.

Physical limitations
The assist can reduce strain on your legs, back and arms making riding a bike a more pleasurable. If you have the will to venture out but not necessarily the brawn, the CUBE-E will set you on your way.

Ride more often
Because you can dial in your effort to suit your mood without necessarily forfeiting speed, hopping on a bike becomes an attractive transportation option on more occasions.

Cruising vs Training
While the assist is the perfect set up for heads up cruising, it's also a terrific training tool for head down workouts.  By finessing the amount of pedal-assist and gear selection , you can tune your workload to stay within your aerobic training zone even over difficult climbs.  This is similar to the control you would have on a stationary bike. The same technique can be used to effectively manage recovery from injury while enjoying varied terrain and scenery.