Riese & Müller Electric Bikes

Reise and Müller Electric Bikes

Riese & Müller is the brain child of two engineers passionate about making a premium electric bike. Made in Germany, these electric bikes are top of the line game changers.

What's so different about Riese & Müller e-bikes? They custom make each bike to order. That means your new bike isn't sitting in some warehouse for months before you place the order. Instead, Riese and Müller's team start handcrafting your electric bike after your order is placed. This also means you have more control over every detail of your bike. Want to add an accessory that isn't featured on the bike you like? No sweat! In about a month you'll have a completely custom-made electric bike on the way.

Give us a call and ask which models we have on the floor, or we can help walk you through exactly what specifications your bike should have based on your needs.