Supernova E3 2 eBike Tail Light, Rack Mounted


If you own a high-performance front light you’ll want to pair it with an equally superior tail light. This is why we’ve developed the E3 Tail Light 2. Its Twin Beam technology offers an extremely bright Power Beam towards the back as well as a strong Side Beam with an angle of 250°.


All Supernova tail lights are equipped with Twin Beam technology. This highly efficient technology combines two different beam angles, so that you can be seen at any angle from behind, thereby enhancing your safety.


The stand light electronics of the puristic rear light have been neatly integrated into the front light. This innovation makes its extremely small design possible. The CNC-machined rear light only weighs 12 grams and is 100% waterproof. It is also one of the brightest rear lights that is road legal in Germany. The new side illumination of the lighting system further increases traffic safety.

Features an AL-6061aluminium housing is sealed completely for water tight protection against corrosion.

Easy Installation: 50mm mounting hole spacing (hardware included)

High visibility provided by custom made 5mm LEDs with Twin Beam Technology.

For 9 - 18V DC

Dimensions: 60 x 11 x 15mm

Weight: 13g

Battery: Dynamo / Generator Rechargeable

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