"Stuff it, COVID!" Rebate

This is a stressful and uncertain time for all of us.  Since we believe there's no better way to lift up our emotional, mental, and physical well-being than by getting out on our bikes, we want to encourage our Fly Rides Family to take action against the stress and cabin fever and say "Stuff it, I'm going riding!"  

Here's how it works:

Buy your bike and sign up for the rebate online:

  1. Pick out the bike you want. Not sure? Give us a call to chat with a specialist about options at (619) 344-0211.
  2. Now find our "Stuff it, COVID!" Rebate item and add it to your cart  (https://flyridesusa.com/products/stuffitcovid).  
  3. Check out online, get your bike, and we'll send you your rebate after you do the following:

Three steps to share your elevated STOKE levels and get your rebate: 

  1. Post a pic or video on Facebook or Instagram of you and your new bike combatting your cabin fever, and tag @flyridesusa.  Inspire your friends & family, AND get social, the best way- online! 

  2. Next, post and tag us using the same type of pic/vid on one of these five Facebook groups:

    1. If you get a Riese & Muller bike, post here.

    2. If you live in SoCal and grab an electric mountain bike, post here.

    3. If you're not local, but still got an eMTB, post here and/or here.

    4. If you grabbed a different bike than a R&M or eMTB, post here.

  3. Make the posts within 30 days of receiving your bike, and shoot an email to rebates@flyridesusa.com with screenshots of your two posts.  We'll process your $300 rebate within 3 business days!

Not sure which model is right for you?

Speak to a specialist at 1-(800) 913-3404

Please note: Specs and components are provided by the manufacturer, and are subject to change.