Stromer B+M City Kit

So you've purchased an electric bike from one the industry leaders: Stromer. Put the finishing touches on your investment with a Stromer City Kit! The Stromer B+M City Kit give you everything you need to ride in style on your brand new eBike!

The high grade aluminum rear and front fenders are strong enough to hold the rear rack and hollow so that wiring can be fed through them for a more finished look to the bike. Fenders are useful for those days right after a night of rainfall. They'll keep you and all your gear safe from the puddles.

The rear fender rack is made by Racktime and is compatible with all Racktime accessories. Racktime offers a variety of baskets to attach to your rack for your farmers' market haul or to store your briefcase on the ride to work.

Possibly the most important piece to this accessory set are the lights. Ride safe with Busch and Muller Lumotec IQ lights. They're wired directly to your battery and sensors automatically switch between daytime running mode to nighttime mode.

Take your Stromer game to the next level with the B+M City Kit!

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