2016 Haibike XDURO DwnHill Pro

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The 2016 Haibike XDURO Nduro Downhill PRO has a Bosch mid-drive Performance CX motor and a FOX 40 Float Factory Kashima, 200mm front fork and a Rock Shox Vivid Air R2C full suspension design for awesome trail performance.

XDURO Nduro Downhill PRO

Here it is: the first downhill e-bike to go into series production! Away with the lift, we want dynamics and pure race feeling instead - uphill just as much as downhill.

A worldcup ready chassis with 200mm suspension on befitting 27.5" DeeMax wheels with 157mm oversize RW axis, new Bosch Performance CX drive and Haibike S.E.S system with a high pivot point.

The XDURO DWNHLL PRO is the first downhill E-Bike with world-cup geometry and a chassis with 200mm travel.

The bike has a 63.5° flat, adjustable head angle, a low
bottom bracket, and a revolutionarily short chain stay for an E-Bike, which doesn’t leave any room for doubt about what this bike was designed for.

The 1x10 speed drive train is efficient and easy to maintain.