Assistant Manager/Service Manager

We're growing our team in beautiful La Jolla village and looking for an Assistant Manager for our Specialty Electric Bike Shop.

San Diego Fly Rides Team

We are San Diego's oldest full service electric bike shop, specializing in high performance premium ebike sales (AKA, these ain't your Mamma's ebikes) service, guided tours and rentals. We are passionate about sharing the electric bike culture with our customers! Our team of A-game players approach our work with enthusiasm, passion, and focus to consistently be the best at what we offer.

We put our staff first with work life balance and believe strongly in our staff's ability to earn a living in this industry. Bring your "A" game and we'll reward it.

If you're looking for just a job, then this isn't for you, but if you're ready for a career in the industry with a lot of room to grow professionally and monetarily, then you just might be what we're looking for! 

As an Assistant Manager, here's the activities you'll be helping with. 

Shop Sales: 35%
Managing Tour and Rental business: You'll be eventually overseeing the tours and rentals at this location. 
eBike and Service Sales: You'll be engaging with our customers to help them figure out the best solutions for their needs. 
Eventually Interfacing with DMC's for organizing corporate event tours

Internal Operations: 35% 
Inventory Management: You'll be in charge of managing and accounting for new inventory that move through the store. 
Merchandising of the store to ensure a professional, accessible, and inviting shopping experience. This also includes labeling the bikes for sale with pricing and other marketing material. Helping out in the service shop where necessary: This includes doing bike builds, QA's, interfacing with customers and suppliers.

Giving Tours and Customer Outreach: 30% 
Running our booth at the Sunday Farmer's Market and creating sales leads for you to follow up on. Initially you'll be doing a sizable share of our guided ebike tours, but less and less as you're able to take on more shop responsibilities. In your free time, we'll also have you visit local hotels in La Jolla to remind them of why they should send their guests to Fly Rides. 

The right candidate would ideally possess the following attributes, in no particular order:
Bike Passionate: We're looking for a candidate that loves all things bike related. Ideally you will have worked in a bike shop for an extended period, like to commute to work by bike and in your free time like to go for bike rides and maybe even know how to wrench a bit! If you're not all about bike culture, then we're probably not the best fit. 

Self-motivated: If you don't already plan your day, then go ahead and rule yourself out. We're looking for someone who wakes up each day with an agenda and knows how to execute on it. 

Sharp/Detail Oriented: We're not talking academia here, but the type of calculating sharpness you'll need to absorb information, make intelligent decisions and then execute thoughtfully and thoroughly. 

Teachable: Big egos need not apply. We're looking for a team member who knows how to absorb and apply what we teach them quickly and efficiently without being defensive. You should consider yourself a quick learner and have a general curiosity about things and how they work. 

Outgoing: This position requires a lot of connecting with customers, manufacturers, and other team members and you should only apply if that is something would be comfortable with and that doesn't intimidate you. Being great at communicating would also fall under this attribute. 

Earnest: When you commit to something, are you determined to see it through? Are you sincere and resolute in that commitment? Do you take pride in doing a job well?

Trustworthy: Most people will just gloss over this one, but do yourself a favor and be honest with yourself so you don't waste your or our time. If you're not trustworthy, we'll sniff this out before long and if you are, it will be apparent very quickly. 

Positive: Are you consistently upbeat and enthusiastic even when circumstances would make most others feel otherwise? Having a positive and optimistic mindset will allow you to better deal with situations as they arise. 

Compensation:  You'll start at $15/hr for the first 3 month trial period. You'll have the ability to earn tips and commissions of $10/review you receive from your tours. You'll also have the opportunity to earn sales commissions of 6% + bonuses for hitting sales goals. 
After the 3 month trial period, if you are indeed the right candidate we'll bring you on as a salaried employee with an increase in pay. You'll also be incentivized to reach sales goals and will receive extra monthly/quarterly/annual bonuses for hitting these goals. 

Benefits and Perks working w/ Fly Rides:
First and foremost, we're a stellar place to work that values our team members and gives them autonomy to get the job done. On top of this we do road and eMTB club rides and offer employee ebike discounts. We also participate/race in a lot of local events like the Boogaloo eMTB races as well as others. You'll also receive paid time off. 

How to apply: 
If you're sincerely interested in an opportunity that could change your life and want to be a part of a thriving and fun team, then email your resume, cover letter, references, and any other info you think would help in setting you apart from the competition. 

Please email to