Want your new eBike and hate to wait?  Demand for eBikes is at all all time high, which means manufacturers are backlogged and shipping timelines are extended. The NY Times even did an article about it: Bike Shortage!

We know what's popular, so we've stocked up on these eBike models. So you can get yours FAST, we put them through their thorough precheck in advance, so they're ready to go. 

Check out the models below and when you select a size that is eligible for fast shipping, you'll see the SHIPS FAST! banner. Those sizes are GUARANTEED to ship within 3 business days of your completed order. 


  • 3 day shipping refers to when we ship it. Depending on where you are located, it can take 2-5 business days from there to arrive.
  • Additional accessories and upgrades may delay shipping.
  • For your sale to be completed, you MUST complete our Online Sales Agreement (found in receipt).
  • If you opt to finance your bike, the 3 day window starts when your financing is approved and funded.

Choose a model below to get your bike, stat, and enjoy your summer riding season!!