Review of the 2016 IZIP E3 Peak DS

Review of the 2016 IZIP E3 Peak DS

This will be a special post here as it's about maybe one of the best bikes I've rode in the shop that suits my needs. A customer who had come in a couple of weeks back and was interested in some brand named E-bikes without knowing much about other models. But how could you blame him? E-bikes are rising more and more in popularity so if you had a name for yourself in the community 5-10 years ago, it would seem that you would not only have been the pioneer but the innovator for future bikes. This hasn't been the case in some circumstances as other E-Bike companies have stepped in and where they don't throw massive amounts of dollars towards marketing, they compensate it towards the build of their bikes. Enter the 2016 IZIP E3 Peak DS.

The 2016 Peak DS before I mention anything else is one of a kind. The reason being is that starting 2017, the 28MPH feature will no longer be available due to governing California laws. With that said, the 2016 model will be the only model for the bike to be able to reach an ultra-high velocity in speed while still handling at performance levels.

Like its sister Peak, it's got everything but also now includes a full suspension 4-link frame, a longer travel fork, and of course upgraded parts. Like the many new 2016 models, it's got the 350W ElectroDrive motor and a 48V battery. This mid-drive motor and centered battery is the latest in technology and proven to be more efficient and ideal. SRAM 9 geared shifters, SRAM rear derailleur, and a SRAM Cognet - like I said, great parts! Great tires at a 27.5 * 2.2 and to stop them - hydraulic brakes! Definitely an upgrade from the 2015 Dash with its mechanical brakes, these again are SRAM quality - both the brakes and the brake levers. 

Overall, a very smooth ride. We took this bike to Torrey Pines, a state reserve park here in SD, and it performed very well. Going up some pretty steep hills, I'd say around a 15-20% grade, this bike goes up hills like a mountain climber! It's actually a pretty fun bike because you forget you're cycling and it becomes more of a 'what else can this thing do' type of bike! - pretty amazing!

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