2017 Bulls Lacuba Evo E8 Review

You might not have heard much about Bulls electric bikes since they are new to the States. Bulls impressed the crew over at San Diego Fly Rides with their 2016 lineup, so they had us stoked to see their 2017 electric bikes. They did not disappoint! In this post, we’ll take a look at one of the commuter bikes Bulls offers. Here is our 2017 Bulls Lacuba Evo E8 review.

2017 Bulls Lacuba Evo E8 Review

Bulls has offered a variety of frame options in the 2017 Bulls Lacuba Evo E8. They’ve given the option of a standard, step-thru, or wave frame. You might be wondering what exactly a “wave” frame is. Basically, as you can see in the picture above, it’s an ultra low-step sort of option. There really aren’t many bikes like this on the market. It provides a really upright, comfortable ride that also increases your visibility to cars and pedestrians. The wave frame also allows less flexible or maybe even older riders to avoid having to step over any sort of crossbar. This feature is also great if you are carrying groceries or a briefcase in a rear rack. There’s no need to tilt the bike to swing your leg on. I think this is a real game changer.

2017 Bulls Lacuba Evo E8 Review

Bulls has taken steps to ensure you have a comfortable commute. The Suntour fork with 63mm of travel. This is plenty of suspension even for the bumpiest commute. Safety wise, I must say I felt very visible on this bike. The frame reflects light so that people can see you from the side, and the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes allow you to stop on a dime.

The Brose motor is a great fit for this bike. I’m always a fan of how Brose is able to hide their batteries away like they aren’t even there. Speaking of the battery, it’s going to bring you 650 watt hours. That is really unparalleled on the market. For some people, that could get you through a full week of commuting without having to recharge. Brose also makes a very powerful motor with 90 newton meters of torque, meaning you can destroy a hilly ride.

2017 Bulls Lacuba Evo E8 Review

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Happy riding! Keep an eye out for more reviews.

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